Under-Counter “T” Adapter
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Under-Counter “T” Adapter


Looking for a cleaner, more professional looking installation that you can do yourself!?

The Under-Counter "T" Adapter allows you to connect your Water Ionizer water supply line directly to the cold water line below the sink.

Connection Type: 1/4"

Standard Installation Instructions

1. Purchase your T-Adapter

NOTE:  When unit is not used for an extended period of time (i.e. vacations), the valve should be shut-off to prevent any damage to your unit or home.

2. Shut off both hot and cold water main supply at pipe under the sink

3. Locate the cold water supply line valve

4. Disconnect faucet cold water supply line from main cold water pipe – use towel to catch small amount of water that may come from faucet supply line

5. When connecting T-connection to cold water pipe, be sure to use plumbing pipe thread seal tape (not included) to prevent leaks

6. Reconnect faucet cold water supply line to T-connection (now secured to main cold water pipe)

7. Be sure all connections are secure but do not over tighten

NOTE:  Do not turn on main water supply until all hoses are properly installed to the unit. Unit and components are subject to change without prior notification in order to enhance performance.

For further assistance, please contact a qualified service technician or plumber.

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