Ditch your Phone Alarm (Sooo Rewarding!)

Posted by: On August 11, 2022 2:59 pm

You should really ditch your phone alarm!  Buy an alarm clock and it will change your life. We’re not kidding. You’ll reap the rewards from the first morning – you’ll wonder why it took you so long to stop using your phone alarm and start using an alarm clock! Check out the 3 main reasons to go old-skool on your wake-up call now!


Ditch your Phone Alarm


1. You switch off your light and have one more peek at your phone… y’know… to check that the alarm is set (again). What happens here is that you get a short blast of the ‘blue light’ that messes with your natural circadian Your body responds and thinks that it’s morning, even though you’re going …

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Bottled Alkaline Water Is NOT the Best Way to Stay Hydrated

Posted by: On August 9, 2022 2:09 pm

When is drinking water not the best option? Answer: when it comes in a bottle or when it hasn’t been purified.

Got a thirst on? About to reach for the nearest plastic bottle of alkaline water to quench it? STOP!

There are a bunch of reasons to avoid bottled water, and guess what? It’s not even the best way to stay hydrated…even if it is alkaline water.


Drinking Bottled Water Is NOT the Best Way


Bottled Alkaline Water is a Problem

We’ll explain. True, water is the best way to stay hydrated. Water is more hydrating than all other drinks. But not all types of water are equal.

Alkaline water in a bottle is inferior to ionized Tyent alkaline water. There are several reasons for …

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The Secret Toxins in Your Body

Posted by: On August 5, 2022 12:49 pm

Have you applied lipstick, eaten canned food or drunk water or juice from a plastic bottle today? Maybe you’ve spritzed some cleaning products around your home or eaten pizza out of a box? Nope? Okay, how about walked on a carpet? Used a smartphone? Eaten ice cream from a tub? Slapped on sunscreen? Painted a wall?

If you’ve done any of these things, then the likelihood is that you’ve ingested PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances), otherwise known as “forever chemicals”.


Secret toxins in your body



The Secret Toxins Hiding in Plain Sight

It doesn’t stop there. These highly dangerous chemicals are everywhere in modern life. No kidding. PFAS make things shiny, waterproof, non-stick, stronger, stain resistant and able to withstand corrosion. They …

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What Is a Water Ionizer and What Does It Do?

Posted by: On August 3, 2022 1:08 pm

Most people have heard of a water ionizer. But what exactly is a water ionizer, what does it do; and where does molecular hydrogen come into it?


What Is a Water Ionizer and What Does It Do


What does a Water Ionizer Do? Getting Back to Basics!

Let’s get back to basics, because it’s important to understand how water ionizers work, so you can harness their power for yourself.

A water ionizer is a small appliance, usually situated in the kitchen. The unit is plumbed in line with your water supply. There are two main types: above-counter models, that sit on your work surface; and under-counter water ionizer models that are fitted below the counter. They both do the same thing: transform your tap water into clean, filtered, …

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Do you have Dry Skin?

Posted by: On August 1, 2022 1:28 pm

After your morning shower, do you practically sprint across the bathroom to grab the moisturizer before your skin starts to get that dry, tight feeling? We hear you!


Got Dry Skin


America Spends How Much Fixing Dry Skin?

Dry skin affects millions of people, and the beauty industry that has built up around alleviating it is worth billions.

But while we spend a hefty amount on taking care of our skin – the average American spends $322.88  on skin care every year — what you’re carefully applying to your dry skin isn’t enough.

The Cheap & Healthy Answer to Dry Skin

The thing is, if you only treat the symptom you can see – your dry skin – you’re not really …

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How to Wake Up Early and Not Feel Tired

Posted by: On July 22, 2022 11:42 am

Do you leap out of bed and into the day? Or do you manage to wake up early, but keep hitting the snooze button because you’re just not ready yet?

Want to know how to wake up early AND not feel tired while you do it? Yep, us too. Find out how to be a morning lark with feel-good vibes and boundless energy – every day!


How to Wake Up Early and Not Feel Tired


Wake Up Early With Energy Every Morning!


Make these changes and get ready to get MORE out of your mornings!

1. Get a sleep routine that serves you. Got to bed at the same time each evening and rise at the same time every morning – even at weekends. Too many …

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Top Alkaline Vegetables for Optimal Health

Posted by: On July 20, 2022 2:05 pm

Dr. Lori Shemek is back again to share Top Alkaline Vegetables for Optimal Health.  Dr. Lori is the best-selling author of books such as The Ketogenic KeyFire Up Your Fat Burn and Beginner’s Guide to Intermittent Fasting.  Dr. Lori is a certified nutritional consultant and weight loss expert who spreads awareness of the negative effects of inflammation.  




Feeling inflamed?  That may be due to an acidic body and there is a remedy for that.

Eating alkaline foods is great to help you easily keep your body in an alkaline state. Keeping the body somewhat alkaline vs acidic is a powerful way to optimize health that may lead to more energy, less inflammation, slower aging, immune …

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The Ugly Truth About Coffee’s Effects on Your Body

Posted by: On May 16, 2022 12:15 pm

Millions of us start the day with a mug of fresh coffee. How many people do you know who claim that they can’t even hold a conversation – let alone get stuck into the day’s work – before they’ve had their morning coffee fix? Maybe you’re one of them!

However, coffee might feel good at the time, but the truth is that coffee’s effects on your body are pretty ugly. Brace yourself (and break out the herbal tea).


The Ugly Truth About Coffees Effects On Your Body


1. Coffee Can Affect Your Sleep

We know, you know that one already. But did you know how the caffeine in coffee actually messes with your sleep pattern? Throwing back an espresso just before a big presentation or assignment …

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104 Reasons to Love Tyent Water Ionizers: Health Benefits and More – Updated Blog

Posted by: On May 5, 2022 3:06 pm

With all these incredible benefits from your Tyent water ionizer, taking care of your future health and wellbeing has never tasted so good!


104 Reasons to Love Tyent Water Ionizers Health Benefits and More


Part 1: Health Benefits

Part 2: Comparing Tyent to Enagic and Machine Component Breakdown

Part 3: Beauty & Skin Benefits

Part 4: Tyent Water Ionizer Reviews

Part 5: Press Recognition

Part 6: Sports and Tyent Water

Part 7: Doctors, Wellness centers, and Tyent Water

Part 8: Studies on Hydrogen Water

Part 9: Tyent Alkaline Water Is the Healthiest Water in The World. Dare To Compare!

Part 10: A Brief Guide to the Benefits of Alkaline Water and Fitness


Part 1: Health Benefits

  1. Health Benefits from Your Tyent Water Ionizer

How long have you got? The …

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DON’T Do This on Intermittent Fasting!

Posted by: On April 29, 2022 2:41 pm

Intermittent fasting is the weight-loss solution that WORKS, but only if you avoid these common pitfalls!


Don't Do THIS on Intermittent Fasting-a1


1. Don’t Go Hungry

Not eating enough is a common mistake when intermittent fasting. If you eat too little during your ‘window’ then you risk slowing down your metabolism and losing muscle mass. Remember: intermittent fasting switches the focus to WHEN you eat, rather than centering success around how much you eat.


2. Don’t Eat Late at Night

Eating too late in the evening can mess with your natural circadian rhythm. This matters because your sleep/wake cycle has a direct effect on vital health markers. Eating less in the evening, and preferably during the earlier part of the evening, can …

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