5 Foolproof Techniques to Survive Holiday Shopping (& Actually Enjoy It!)

Posted by: On November 17, 2021 2:00 pm

Buying holiday gifts for the people you love? Sounds nice, right? So why then does it end up feeling like such an ordeal?

We’ve fixed that for you. Read on for the five foolproof ways to survive holiday shopping and get this – even have a good time! Wait…what? Yep! It’s possible to even enjoy the experience!


5 Foolproof Techniques to Survive Holiday Shopping


1. Forget the PR campaign that ‘Holiday Shopping’ has been running now for decades, in movies, magazine advertisements and so on. You won’t move in sparkly slow-motion through a beautiful, decorated mall, while adorable children gaze in wonder at the window displays, without asking on a loop for toys/snacks/going home. You won’t smile continuously at the magic of holiday shopping. In …

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50 Gift Ideas for Women

Posted by: On November 8, 2021 2:05 pm

So, you need look no further for the 50 best gift ideas for the men in your life, but what about the women?

While women are traditionally seen as being easier to buy gifts for, sometimes there’s almost too much out there, and it can feel like a tyranny of choice.

We cut through the white noise of holiday gifting to bring you the 50 BEST gift ideas for your female friends, family and loved ones!


50 Gift Ideas for Women


1. Snuggling down with a mug of hot chocolate is so cozy, and this lovely set makes it even better!

2. Maybe tea or coffee is her favorite beverage? If so, she’ll love choosing between the delights in this fabulous gift box.

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50 Gift Ideas for Men

Posted by: On October 29, 2021 1:14 pm

Men are hard to buy for? Not with our one-stop list! We’ve got the perfect present for every male in your life – no matter how tricky they usually are to buy for.

We’ve taken the stress out of trying to come up with a gift idea, so you’re free to hit the sales and grab a great deal! Let’s go shopping!


50 Gift Ideas for Men


1. How about this awesome Time Capsule from the year he was born?

2. Or a personalized Poker Set for fun nights in?

3. He’ll love channeling his inner boy scout with the coolest Swiss Army Knife ever.

4. Who doesn’t love pizza? Get him a home pizza oven and remind him what your favorite …

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5 Last Minute Holiday Shopping Success Stories

Posted by: On December 18, 2020 2:45 pm

Worried that you’ll never find that elusive, perfect present for your nearest and dearest? Think that it’s too late to find an amazing gift to hand over on the special day?

Take heart: read these stories of last-minute shopping success and get inspired to finish up your holiday shopping in style!


5 Last-Minute Holiday Shopping Success Stories


1. “It’s 10 days before Christmas and our twins are 12 weeks old – two little joyful bundles of noise, sleepless nights and gurgling. My wife deserves something special and I want to find something a little more thoughtful than a scented candle. I’m on a budget and running out of time. Finding this beautiful set of a silk pillowcase and silk eyemask was perfect. I’m hoping …

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